A day with Jody Ashworth.
Henning and Jody While still working on Matt Cash's album, Henning took a day to work with Jody Aswhorth on some voiceovers and also talk about some storyline issues for Babysteps. After trying to figure out how the project will flow and what needs to be written, re-written and thrown away, Melodie Whats-her-last-name-again sat down in the studio with them to find out more about Babysteps and how this nice young couple found each other. Enjoy this 12 minute interview with them...

Babyteps - Interview with Jody Ashworth and Henning (27MB)

Babyteps - Interview in Quicktime format (27MB)
This second file in MOV format looks a lot better, but it requires you to download the preview version of QT7 here...
Quicktime 7 - Windows Preview

Other than defend ourselves, what else are we doing?
Psychic for Radio Now that the alligations have been refuted and the controversy has died down I feel that we came out on top and that all our statements on my message board and others speak for themselves. We have nothing to hide and since I now get asked about it in every interview I will continue to tell the truth about this unnecessarily hyped up issue.
Matt and I have been busy working on his album "Four State Lines" which is turning out great. Anyone who has doubts about this guys ability to write great songs and really thinks Sebastian Bach had to come in to help us out should pick up this CD when it's done. I dare anyone to listen to it and not have at least one of the songs stuck in their head for days. It is not rock or metal, it's modern country, but it's still great music.
Some of you have read about it on the message board by now...we are doing a punk album under the bandname "Psychic for Radio". The album will be called "Four out of five dentists". There will also be a DVD for this album. I'm going to make a special forum for it where ou can read the details. I also encourage everyone to give us some ideas for the weekend...go deep into your mind and search for any stereotypes about punk rock and put them on the board. We need input. BUt of course, if we use any of your ideas, we will completely deny any involvement by you and take all the credit for ourselves, 'cause that's just how evil we are. :-)

Dispute over credits...
FS2-Cover You've all heard it by now, Sebastian Bach says we screwed him. I am sure he feels that way but I am also convinced that we did the right thing. We gave fair credit to all the writers. But I am not saying I am right, please make up your own mind by visiting the board where you can see the lyrics before and after the sessions with Baz and a lot of comments on the subject by Matt Cash, Shawn Gordon and by myself. You are getting three differnt stories and you can actually see the topic of discussion (the lyrics) that Sebastian is so upset about. Could we have handled it better? Probably. We tried, but in the end this is what happened and I am not ashamed of it. Please decide for yourself.

FS2-Cover So, there you have it. It's out. It's done.
Now the jury is out and you guys gotta bring the verdict in. Post comments on the board or send me your reviews. I would love to post them in the reviews section. I am very excited about the feedback so far and I can't wait to see what the web and the press has to say. Thanks for all your support out there. I see new people joining the board every day and I hope they keep coming 'cause it's turning out to be a cool crowd over there...

Want some Frameshift 2?
Interested in some "An Absence Of Empathy" stuff? Well then you might want to have a look at the work section and for sure at the media area...

Life's funny...
Congo Douglas and Fon-yu It's really weird. Douglas died and only hours later we get a call from a friend in Arizona and she asked us if we could give her beautiful puppy a new home. So we drove to Arizona and picked up Congo. She is a very beautiful 5 months old Weimaraner. Now I live with four women. Christy, Fenni, Fon-yu and Congo. All of them very pretty and all of them have a different kind of character. They keep me busy but I love them and I wouldn't want it any other way. Check out the pics of those canines.

Seriously now...I am in the last few days of mixing the album and I promise that the wait was worth it. Just give it a few more weeks and you can enjoy Sebastian Bach's voice on some seriously heavy prog.

R.I.P. Douglas.
Our new little puppy Douglas died today. He was sick since last night and suddenly fell over in his cage and died. We immdediately took Fenni and Fon-yu to the vet to make sure they are OK and the doctor said they are not at risk as far as he can tell. I really appreciate the very heartwarming eMails I got from many of you who said they are very sorry about what happened to Boo. At this point I can not say when the new Frameshift album will be done because I have been through too much during the recording of the album and the weeks after it. I have decided not to continue Frameshift as a project so that "An absence of empathy" will be the second and last FS album. The things that happen in my life during and after recording these albums are very unpleasant to say the least and I just don't want to be reminded of them any more by continuing to make music under this name. There were fires and food poisoning during the first album and the list of things that happened during this one is too long to list. I think I will continue to work like I have before but release the albums under my band's name Chain instead of Frameshift.
Thanks for all your support and understanding. We'll get over this here at my house and move on to better things, Babysteps being one of them.

ANOTHER Doggie!!!
Douglas OK, we might be going overboard now, but we just got another dog. He is a little black lab mix, 2 months old and his name is Douglas. He is named after Douglas Noel Adams. He is getting into a lot of trouble and with Fon-yu being no more than 8 months old we have a house full of little troublemakers. Fenni is observing the situation from a distance mostly, but she seems to get used to it. Douglas is a whiny little bitch, but he's a baby, so we give him that.

Douglas and Fon-yu Also...we tracked the last remaining choir vocals for the new Frameshift album and now there is nothing from preventing me to actually finish the thing.

Couple of things...
Fon-yu My dog Boo escaped in the last night of the vocal recording sessions. We have reason to believe that he was killed by coyotes. Boo was very close to me. You can see him in the cover of 13 Days and on several videos on my site. He has been my friend when I didn't have anyone else and he continued to be my friend when I got my other dog Fenni and when Christy moved in with me. He will be missed immensely and living without him will never be the same. Only two days after his disappearance Christy picked up a 7 month old stray puppy. She called and asked if she could bring her home. Now this dog, who looks like a coyote, lives with us and keeps us very busy. Even Fenni, who is very hyper, can't keep up with her. We named her Fon-yu. She is seriously cute and we will take good care of her and I just hope that some day she can fill the gap that Boo has left behind.

Absence I will get started on mixing "An Absence of Empathy" next week. I don't think I'll have to do much since the material already sounds awesome. I hope I can get through this quickly so you all can have your copy of the album. Then it's just up to the graphic designer to work his magic for the cover and the booklet.

Parallel to mixing FS2 we are getting ready to record Matt Cash's Country album "Four State Lines". I am very excited about this project because Matt's writing is exceptional and we will all learn a lot during this process. To all our surprise Michael Sadler has offered to sing backing vocals on this album. This will indeed be a departure from what we are used to, but a good vocalist is a good vocalist no matter what style you put them in and working with Michael is always a treat!

FS2 - An Absence of Empathy - Studio Log
Henning and Sebastian Sebastian Bach is laying down killer vocals on the new Frameshift album and he is getting involved in the writing too. We'll try to keep you up to date with little samples and video footage from the sessions.

Official An Absence of Empathy website

Henning and Sebastian Come back often to check for new music and videos.

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Let's get some stuff about credits out of the way...
There is often trouble in bands about who did what and many great bands split up because of disagreements over who wrote what. With this album it is simple and I will try to make clear how the writing works for FS2.
I wrote and performed all the music (I wrote the drum parts but did not play them). After the music was done I brought in Matt Cash who wrote lyrics and melodies with me. Adam Evers helped us out on that. These rough vocals, lyrics and melodies are used as a guide for Sebastian who is now working with me on refining the groundwork we've laid down. Sometimes he likes what we wrote and just puts his touch on it and other times he comments on lyrics and we'll re-write lines together, same goes for melodies. If his changes and input is enough to warrant a credit he will get it. So, he is not just a hired gun who comes in and sings what we wrote, but he also doesn't write all the vocals himself. In short, the vocal parts in the album are a true collaboration. No one could write for him exactly, because only he really knows what he can do with his voice and sometimes he will just improvise and magic happens...
So, this is either really clear now or even more confusing.

FS2 Vocal Sessions are starting!
We are ready to drive to LA and pick up Sebastian Bach at the airport to start vocal sessions tomorrow, tuesday. Of course it has to snow like crazy today so that we have to make plans to sleep at the studio and get Sebastian a hotel for the night instead of moving him in to his cabin up here in the mountains as planned. I am sure we will get over this little hurdle. As far as I can tell the lyrics and melodies we wrote are very catchy and you will get a great album.

Check back here frequently. I am trying to give an updated studio log if I can find the time.