Frameshift - Unweaving The Rainbow

A lot has been said about about this album and it is hard to write anything without repeating the many reviews and articles. Simply put, Hening tried to write something that would combine classic prog elements with modern production methods and puts James LaBrie's amazing voice in the spotlight, using it in ways that noone has ever heard it before. The surrounding concept would be the writings of neo-darwinist Richard Dawkins and every song would be based on a chapter of his books. Henning knew this was a lot to aim for and was not sure if he succeeded until the response to the album convinced him otherwise. He would like to thank every reviewer for taking the time to write about the album and make a dream come true. Because the album has been well received and there isa demand for a follow up, James and Henning have talked about working together again. They both agree that there is room for improvement and that they want to accept the challenge and create an even better album the next time around.

Track Listing:
1. Above the Grass - Part 1
2. The Gene Machine
3. Spiders
4. River out of Eden
5. Message from the Mountain
6. Your Eyes
7. La Mer
8. Nice guys finish first
9. Arms Races
10. Origins and Miracles
11. Off the Ground
12. Walking through genetic space
13. Cultural Genetics
14. Bats
15. Above the Grass - Part 2