Chain - Reconstruct

This is the album that got Henning in touch with progrockrecords, a connection that should prove benefitial for all parties. Chain is a band that was formed by Keyboarder Stephan Kernbach in 1995 and rehearsed for a full year without a vocalist and then broke up because no suitable frontman could be found. In 2002 Henning re-discovered the material that was recorded in the practice room during a rehearsal. The recording that was made with only a single mic was good enough so that he could sit down and figure out the parts and he got to work on re-working the songs and recording them in his California studio. He left his former bandmates in the dark about this in order to surprise them when he was going to visit his parents the following christmas. Once all the music was recorded he employed the services of his friend, the songwriter Matt Cash who became Chain's long missing frontman. Henning burned 10 copies of the CD, printed some booklets and headed home for christmas where the CD indeed surprised his old friends and revived old friendships. None of them knew, Henning included, that anyone but them would be interested in this music. Well, progrockrecords was and offered them a deal which would lead to far more than just selling RECONSTRUCT. Their second album chain.exe has a special guest performance by Saga's vocalist Michael Sadler who is singing the classic Saga song "Hot to Cold" together with Matt Cash and Maya Haddi. The bands line-up remains the same with the exception of drummer Thorsten Hannig who was not interested in continuing to work in progressive rock so that the drums are now recorded by Eddie Marvin.

Track Listing:
1. Earthscape I
2. Before there Was
3. First Life
4. Earthscape II
5. Impact
6. Earthscape III
7. Incommunicado
8. Missing Link
9. Earthscape IV
10. The Augmented Animal
11. Conspiracy
12. Earthscape V
13. The Planet is Fine
14. Signs
15. Earthscape VI
16. What there will Be
17. Earthscape VII