13 Days

After Chain - Reconstruct and Frameshift with James LaBrie Henning Pauly started working on the second Chain album (chain.exe) and the double CD rock opera Babysteps. Working on these two major projects in parallel turned out to be overwhelming, so he decided to take 13 days off and not think about progressive rock for a while and produce a whole album during his time of. 13 songs in 13 days. He wanted to create some straight forward rock music, so he limited himself strictly to guitars, bass and drums. Anything he might want to achieve with keyboards, he had to do with guitars and that was a welcomed challenge. Who was to sing on it? Henning couldn't make up his mind so he decided to ask all the great vocalists he knows to be involved. He lined up 11 vocalists to sing the 13 songs, two of them each sing 2 songs. The songs didn't all turn out to be straight forward rock...the album contains metal, blues, blues rock, alternative, pop and most certainly some prog elements...he just couldn't get away from it.
The album is 70 minute long fun ride through different styles, introducing some amazing vocalists.

Vocalists on 13 Days:
Jody Ashworth - Trans Siberian Orchestra / Babysteps
Adam Evers - Solo Artist
Joe Capraro - Elseworth / Endgam
Maya Haddi - Solo Artist / Babysteps
Edward Heppenstall - Solo Artist
Matt Cash - Solo Artist / Chain / Frameshift / Babysteps
Jason McSheehy - Endgam
Nik Guadagnoli - Frameshift
Victoria Trevithick - Solo Artist
Arthur Blume - Solo Artist
Charles Chemery - Julia Fly

Track Listing:
1. I've had enough
2. All I ever wanted
3. Three
4. Forever Young
5. I'd like to
6. Six
7. Seven
8. No little girl
9. Infrared
10. Nothing is forever
11. Waiting for a revolution
12. When Kings and Queens collide
13. 13 Days